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Google Analytics tracks visitors that use a 1st party cookie, which means that your URL should be visible in the browser’s URL section. However, that is not the case with redirected traffic as your website is loaded inside a frame. While Google Analytics can pick up a small amount of visitors, it is not the preferred method of analyzing the web traffic we send to you. We suggest using statcounter.comor in order to properly see the amount of traffic we send. We also recommend that you use Google’s tracking system for added accuracy.

Everyone automatically assumes that just because it’s Google, it’s perfect. However, Google Analytics is the worst when it comes to tracking redirected traffic. The main reason for this is that Google Analytics tracks visitors that use a 1st party cookie, which means that your URL should be visible in the browser’s URL section. However, that is not the case with redirected traffic as your website is loaded inside a frame. While Google Analytics can pick up a small amount of visitors, it is not the preferred method of analyzing the web traffic we send to you.

Instead, you can use redirect for this purpose. Just enter your website into and when it returns your unique redirect link, just enter it into the system. You can then easily view the redirected traffic report whenever you want.

If you don’t want to use the aforementioned method, you can use an image-based stats counter such as statcounter.comor

We send visitors by targeted traffic, instead of ad impressions. Sending visitors by targeted traffic has a lower bounce rate and much higher reliability as compared to sending by impressions. If you want to compare, you can order by impressions for a limited time and see the difference between the two.

If you would still like to buy by impressions, please contact us using the contact page.

Please contact us from contact page if you are interested to receive the orders only by impressions.

It may take 6 hours to 5 days from the time you have placed your order to see visitors, depending on your order, category and country. We take the time to select the best publisher for your website.

We understand that it is essential for your business to quickly start having traffic. However, we need to rigorously scan your order and put it through a 10-point fraud check to maintain our high quality network and protect our clients from potential frauds. As a result, our approval process can be a bit slow at times. Your account will usually be approved within a few hours, while 48 hours is the maximum time we take. Sometimes, it may take longer than that if our system has detected an issue with your account. Our account activations are typically scheduled between 8am and 4pm GMT and at 8am GMT on Saturdays.

Orders that contain adult content may take longer to approve as not all of our staff has agreed to view such materials. We let our staff make this decision on a personal basis.

If there is any issue with your account, a notification will be sent to you via email and when you log into your account. Therefore, it is important that you check your email daily in order to ensure there are no problems with your order.

Please note our live support operators do not have the authority of activating any campaign.

Our efficient work force tries its best to ensure that the placed order reaches the client in the time frame provided by the client. However at some instances this may not be the case, due to the external factors involved. Some of these external factors may include the size of the shipment.

For example: If an order is placed for a 100,000 pieces of a particular product, and the time frame provided by the client is 24 hours. This may go one of two ways, either the stick available for the product is significant to meet the clients’ needs and hence is shipped immediately, or the stock is insufficient to meet the clients’ needs and hence the order has to be hold up. The time for manufacturing then acts as an external factor in the delay of shipment of the product. Our staff makes sure that you are provided with the highest quality of product available in the least time possible.

Geological targeting or geo-targeting for short is all about defining the target market on the basis of their geological location. This maybe region based or country based. The use of the latest technologies available are subjected to utilization in order to determine the country of origin of any and all IP addresses. This is how one may determine the country of origin, and this method is considered to be 99% accurate.

A risky URL usually implies that the HTM code that the URL is based on may contain objects that may prove to be harmful for the network users. Our technical support staff ensures that each threat is subjected to checking and rechecking protocols to ensure the safety of all out network users. However the flagging or a particular URL may also be a mistake that may occur due to the presence of certain HTML tags, and it may be a false alarm.

The types of traffic currently being offered to our clients are as followed.

Targeted: This particular type of traffic maybe divided into location based traffic also referred to as geo-targeted traffic, or category based traffic.

Alexa: This particular type of traffic only targets users that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers. This traffic will help increase the Alexa ranking of the website under discussion.

Adult/Mature:Adult traffic may also fall under category and interest based traffic and hence targets a specific category of people.

Current Geo Targets we offer:

United States
USA – Eastern
USA – Central
USA – Mountain
USA – Pacific
North America
United Kingdom
South America
European Union
Middle Eastern
Puerto Rico
New Zealand

If you would like to have additional countries added to the system, please submit a support ticket for review. We offer traffic from over 200 countries but currently only list the top ones.

No, these links are not passed through our networks for a very simple reason that is, that these links have in the past been observed to be passing viruses and malicious software’s into our networks and hence to the networks of our users. Moreover these have also been observed to violate the frame breaking terms and conditions and hence are not to be allowed at the current time. These links usually contain variety of content and hence due to our current inability to prevent and monitor the content passing through our networks via these links they are not allowed to pass through.

A significant number of famous internet websites are currently owned by the network, along with established search engines and internet service providers, hence allowing us access to a significantly large number of audiences from all around the globe. These websites maybe social network based, movie based, gaming based depending on the nature of content the traffic may also be subjected to categorization.

The premium traffic package basically ensures that your clientele gets the highest forms of sites rotation possible. However there is a catch, in order to qualify for the premium traffic package the sit under discussion needs to be free of the following;

  • Frame breakers/busters
  • Sound effects
  • Any kind of pops
  • Any and all browser altering codes
  • Any and all kinds of download/exit prompts

Although sound based advertisements are welcomed by our network, we simply cannot guarantee that the volume of these sound related ads. This is one of the major factors why most companies abstain from the use of sound effects in their ads, since they may annoy the visitors. This is one of the reasons why the running of the sound based ads is slower as compared to silent ads. In some regions such as Iran the running of sound based ads may even be nil.

A java pop maybe defined as any pop that makes sure that the user is not able to exit the website without selecting a command that says leave this page. These are at most time seen as annoyances and thus in case of the presence of such pops the site will be made to run on a worldwide raw network.

In order to make sure that there are minimal losses at both ends, we have a simple set of guidelines to help clients understand what they should expect when it comes to traffic delivery. A significant number of networks are maintained to ensure that the traffic is delivered on the advertiser’s website.

  1. Premium Network: First in line is our premium network that ensures the highest level of traffic but in order to gain access to this network the website under discussion must be free from all kinds of visitor annoyances. These include, java pops, pop ups, frame breakers, auto-playing videos and sounds of any kind. The premium network guarantees to be the fastest network with the widest reach.
  2. Sound Network: Next in line is our sound network, which is reserved for all websites that contain automatically playing sounds and videos of any kind. In order to have access to this network the website must not have any browser modifications, like java pops or frame busters. It is considered to have a slower traffic delivery than the premium network and it is for this reason that the clients are advised to refrain from the use of automatically playing sounds and videos. It is hence important to note that due to the presence of sound the orders may be delivered at a significantly slower rate.
  3. Last Network: This is reserved for websites that subject to use browser modification techniques and java pops along with frame busters in their websites. Due to their annoyance levels these sites are subjected to being restricted to roughly 500 visitors on a daily basis. Moreover they may not be able to narrow down the targeted region and can only target a worldwide audience.It is crucial that you understand that although you would be made aware of your sites placement in this network on the receiving of your order, however if no response is received from your end within the next three business days the campaign will be launched worldwide regardless of the region chosen in the initial order.

Moreover the clients must understand that we perform fraud checks on all our clients in order to ensure the success rates. Our well trained staff ensures that these fraudulent activities are taken notice of, and phishing and the passage of malicious viruses is stopped at any given time during the campaign. If your website has been observed to be involved in such activities the network reserves the right to reject the order and inform the client of the result of the finding.

Alexa traffic basically refers to the increase of the traffic ranking of a particular website with This is subjected to implementation over a period of time. The Alexa traffic targets users that have the Alexa toolbar installed onto their computers. Hence each user is counted in the Alexa ranking system and the site promoted improves its ranking. It may require a few weeks’ time before the results are significant enough to cause a change in rank. The speed of the change is however also effected by the current ranking of the clients’ website in accordance to

Due to the fact that only users with the Alexa toolbar installed are considered in the Alexa traffic ranking system the progress of the Alexa traffic maybe slower as compared to general traffic. If the number of visitors on a daily basis is observed to be less that 25-50 a support ticket for investigation may prove to be helpful.

Although Adult traffic is welcomed and accepted by the network at all times, however if the orders contain the following aspects thy will not be entertained.

  • Orders with sound effects
  • Orders with frame busters
  • Orders with java pop or exit loop (These maybe subjected to exemption in the case of worldwide audience)
  • Orders with any kind of illegal content

It may be noted that various countries are subjected to different laws in the case of pornographic content. It may therefore be noted that the geo-targeting may exclude certain regions.

The number of reported are adjusted on a daily basis by the staff and then the changes are made onto our systems. If in case you are experiencing a difference in number we advise you to be patient the networks data base will be updated soon.

Current Targeting Options Available.

Business Opps
Business Services
Financial Services
Food & Drinks

Home & Garden
Insurance Services
Legal Services
Medical Services
Recreation & Leisure
Special Events
Sports & Fitness
Web Services
Fashion – Accessories
Diet & Exercise
Male Targeting
Female Targeting
Middle Class
Upper Class
Credit Cards & Loans
Age By 55 and Older
Age By 25 – 54
Age By 18 – 24
Real Estate
Pets / Supplies
College Students
Home Improvement
Multi-Level Marketing
Social Networking
Dating & Personals
Web Hosting
Language – Spanish
Language – Chinese
Language – French
Language – German
Education – K-12
Education – Higher
Mobile Services – Cellular
Mobile Services – PDA
Mobile Services – GPS
Politics – Democrat
Politics – Republican
Travel – Airline
Travel – Cruise
Automotive – Sales
Automotive – Parts
Automotive – Aftermarket
Automotive – Custom
Automotive – Fuel
Travel – Car
Travel – Vacations
Food – Cooking
Food – Dining
Gifts – Flowers
Gifts – Cards
Fitness – Equipment
Fitness – Instructional
Fitness – Nutritional
Diet – Services
Diet – Supplements
Diet – Instructional
Health – Mens
Health – Womens
Health – Children
Health – Prescriptions
Event – Wedding
Event – Graduation
Event – New Parents
Health – Senior
Health – Insurance
Career – Home-based
Career – Search
Food – Nutritional
Computer – PC
Computer – MAC
Computer – Repair
Computer – Upgrades
Computer – Hardware
Software – PC
Software – MAC
Software – Linux
Astrology and Horoscopes
Religion – Christian
Information Products
Income Opportunities
Loans – Personal
Loans – Auto
Loans – Mortgage
Home Business
Fashion Accessories
Fashion – Apparel
Green Living
Self Help / Improvement
Marriage / Wedding
Pest Control
Real Estate
Vitamins / Supplements
Web Design
Web Resources
Games – Video
Games – PC
Games – Family
Games – Board
Advertising Media
Audio – Car
Audio – Home
Personal Advice
Rims & Wheels
Smoking – Tobacco
Smoking – Cigarettes
Smoking – Cigars
Smoking – Pipes
Automotive – Cars
Automotive – Trucks
Automotive – ATV
Automotive – Rental
Babies / Expectant
Beauty – Supplies
Beauty – Makeup
Beauty – Hair
Trading Online
Top Web Sites
Time Shares
Telephones and Service
Tea and Coffee
Stories and Poems
Spyware and Adware
Cosmetics and Perfume
Crafts & Craft Making
Domain Names
Credit Cards
Debt Consolidation
Exhibitions & Conventions
Eye Care
Costumes and Uniforms
Computer – Advice
Clocks and Watches
Cellular Service
Cellular Phones
Car Audio
Candy and Confectionary
Fashion – Men
Fashion – Woman
Fashion – Children
Fire Fighters
Free Stuff
Friends and People
High Tech
Home Electronics
Home Furnishings
Humor and Fun
Ice Skating
Ice Hockey
Income Opportunities
Industry Information
Insurance and Banking
Internet Services
Jobs and Career Counselling
Kids Activities
Law and Law Enforcement
Liquor and Alcohol
Law Enforcement
Marketing – Internet
Marketing – Non Internet
Match Making
Run of Network
Money Making
Cash Gifting
Musical Instruments
Office Supplies
Organized Sports
Personal Advice
Printers and Supplies
Property – Commercial
Property – Residential
Safety and Security
Self Defense
Satellite TV
Self Help
Self Improvement
Shoes and Foot Products
YouTube – Related
Online Storage
Online Storage
Interior Design
Special Ocassions
Party Supplies
Football – NFL

In accordance to the Terms of Services provided by Google our services are considered to be completely in compliance with the TOS and hence therefore they are considered to be AdSense safe.

In most cases one is faced with the question of why the same IP’s are used for multiple visits, it is usually a misunderstanding and the client is mixing up the referral ip of the ad servers rather than the actual ip’s of the visitors. The referral ids remain same as they are redirecting traffic to your website.It is therefore important to note that these do not reflect the actual ip addresses of the visitors.

Although our systems may allow us to deliver a target of millions of visitors on a daily basis, the amount of visitors is based on a number of factors.

  1. What is the geo-targeted region involved?
  2. Which interest is subject to be targeted by the order?
  3. Does the order have any automatically playing sound effects?
  4. Whether or not the order contains pop ups and or exit windows?
  5. Is there any type of redirect contained in the site?

Since the answer varies significantly on these factors it is impossible to determine the amount of visitors without taking into consideration these factors.

In order to evenly distribute the traffic throughout the day it is recommended to opt for the hourly feature. This may be selected before the campaign is launched during the manual setup or it may be opted for at any time even after the campaign has gone live by simply clicking on the link “make hourly”.

We guarantee all our clients that their numbers would be an exact match to those that are reported by our systems. It is for this reason that our systems do not allow you to change your URL on an account that is already active if the new URL is a URL. As this would cause major issues tracking for both parties. If you still wish to do so, you would need to first refund the remaining credits in your account and then create a new account with the refunded credits and the new URL.

There is absolutely no difference in the targeting of the traffic however the only difference of price that is to be observed by the client come in the types of traffic offered and not in the targeted audience.

The campaign is usually given on the date that the order is placed, however the date to be considered the starting date for any campaign is the date the first visitor is received.

More than one geo-targets cannot be added to one order. However multiple orders can be made for a single account thus generating multiple geo-targets in the process.

Although the targets maybe updated at any time during the duration of the campaign, but more than one targets cannot be added to one order. However again you may have multiple orders for one account and thus having more than one targets.

The Alexa ranking of a website is dependent on various factors. Firstly it is important that before starting any Alexa based services you make sure that the website under discussion is ranked by the program. Alexa ranking are done on an average based on three months and hence the website must be at least three months old in order to be ranked. Moreover it must also be taken into consideration that Alexa rankings are based on organic traffic generated from search engines and backlinks. Hence even if tens and thousands of visitors are sent to the site it won’t cause a fluctuation in the Alexa ranking if those visitors are not channeled through the properly. This one of the main reasons why no amount of speculation, or guarantee can be provided to estimate the rank or change in rank when it comes to Alexa traffic. However what we can guarantee is the location of the visitors and that they would have the Alexa toolbar that ensures that each visit is considered in the Alexa ranking is installed on the visitor’s computer. However no insight beyond this cannot be guaranteed.

The network has 50.000-60,000 visitors every minute from around the globe. Ur systems ensure that these are equally distributed amongst all our clients, in accordance to their geo-targets. If you have noticed a significant increase in the traffic the day you activated the account, it may be due to the fact that the other clients that have the same geo-target region as you have already been delivered with a significantly large amount of visitors for the day. It is for this reason that then your website becomes the first priority. This in turn results in a significant increase in the number of visitors. If the quick traffic causes any discrepancies at your end it is recommended that you opt for the hourly option when setting up the account or at any time during the campaign.