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NOTE: All Social traffic orders will be started within 6 hours to 3 days of the time you have placed your order and they stay in the “Pending” status until they are tested and processed manually.

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You can now buy social targeted traffic to attract relevant traffic to your website. You can choose where you want your traffic to be coming from and how you want them to reach your site. The traffic comes from all major social networking platforms which includes Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest,Reddit and Stumbleupon. Getting high quality traffic from Social Platforms has never been more easy than before. You have the option of choosing from more than 300 categories. By buying social targeted traffic, you can easily and quickly achieve your goals without having to wait for long periods of time. We have already helped hundreds of thousands of businesses to reach their goals of attracting huge targeted traffic and we can help you too! However, if your website has any of the following, we can’t help you:

  • Playing audio or video with audio automatically
  • Automatic popups that appear as soon as the page loads
  • Automatic software installers like adware or Trojan
  • Adult material
  • Promotion of illegal activities

You can test your website with our free Frame Breaker Tool and Exit Popups Test to determine whether your website is acceptable by us or not.

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Traffic Packages

10,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 100,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 20,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 30,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 40,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 50,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 60,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 70,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 80,000 Social Targeted Traffic, 90,000 Social Targeted Traffic

Target Country

United States, Worldwide

Target Category

Advertising Media, Animals, Antiques, Art, Astrology and Horoscopes, Astronomy, Auctions, Audio, Audio – Car, Audio – Home, Automotive, Automotive – Cars, Automotive – Rental, Automotive – Sales, Camping, Career, Cash Gifting, Casino, Celebrities, Cellular Phones and Services, Chatrooms, Clipart, Clocks and Watches, Clothes, Collectibles, College Students, Comics, Computer – Repair, Computer Hardware, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Cosmetics and Perfumes, Costumes and Uniforms, Coupons, Crafts and Craft Making, Credit Cards and Loans, Credit Repair, Dance, Dating and Personals, Debt Consolidation, Diet Exercise and Services, Diet Supplements, Domain Names, E books, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Event Graduation, Event Wedding, Exhibitions and Conventions, Eye Care, Fabrics, Family, Farming, Fashion, Finance, Fishing, Fitness, Flights, Flooring, Food and Drinks, Football, Forex, Forum, Free Stuff, Friends and People, Furniture, Games, Games Board, Games Family, Games PC, Games Video, Gardening, Genealogy, Geography, Gift, Gift Cards, Gift Flowers, Golf, Government, Green Living, Guns and Ammo, Hair, Handbags, Health, Health Children, Health Insurance, Health Mens, Health Precriptions, Health Seniors, Health Womens, High Technology, History, Hobbies, Hockey, Home and Garden, Home Business, Home Electronics, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, home owners, Horses, Hotel, Humor and Fun, Income Opportunity, Insurance Services, Interior Design, Internet Services, Investment, Jewelry, Job and Career Counseling, Kids, Kitchens, Language, Legal Services, Liquor and Alcohol, Loans, Luxury, Magazines, Male Targeting, Maps, Marketing, Marriage / Wedding, Media, Medical Services, Mobile Services, Money Making, Morgage, Motorcycles, Movie, MP3, Multi Level Marketing, Music, Musical Instruments, Nature, Office Supplies, Online Storage, Outdoor, Paintball and Equipment, Party Supplies, Personal Advice, Pest Control, Pets, Pets / Supplies, Photography, Plants, Politics, Poster, Pregnancy, Printers and Supplies, Real Estate, Recreation and Leisure, Religion, Retirement, Rims and Wheels, Ringtones, Safety and Security, Sales, Satellite TV, School, Science, Seasonal, Self Defense, Self Improvement, Seniors, Services, Shoes and Foot Product, Shopping, Skateboard, Skin Care, Smoking, Social Networking, Software, Software Linux, Software MAC, Software PC, Special Events, Specials Occasions, Sports, Spyware and Adware, Stocks, Tax, Tea and Coffees, Technology, Teenagers, Telecomunications, Telephones and Services, Television, Tickets, Tourism, Toys, Trading, Trading Online, Transportation, Travel, Travel Airline, Travel Car, Travel Cruise, Travel Vacations, Trivia, Upper Class, Vitamins / Supplements, Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Resources, Web Services, Webmasters, Wine, Wrestling

Time Span

1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days, 7 Days, 8 Days, 9 Days, 10 Days, 11 Days, 12 Days, 13 Days, 14 Days, 15 Days, 16 Days, 17 Days, 18 Days, 19 Days, 20 Days, 21 days, 22 days, 23 days, 24 days, 25 days, 26 days, 27 days, 28 days, 29 days, 30 days

  1. Jovita Galindo
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve been asking for social traffic from months and finally they have made it active. I had ordered 100,000 Visitors in 3 days time and they delivered it promptly and the traffic quality is excellent. I have been able to generate around $1550 Profit which isn’t bad 😀

  2. Michelle Reeves
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Bought 20,000 visitors and delivered on time. Great customer support they got and they are professionals when it comes to traffic generation.

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